NYC Best Late Lunch Spots

New York City Best Late Lunches: Standard Grill, Italy, Dimes, Cafe Mogador and Redfarm

Your feet hurt from pacing the Highline, you've seen every gallery in Chelsea, every dinosaur in the Natural History Museum and had a Gossip Girl moment on the steps at The Met. Yeah, I saw you. Kick back and let the people be your art – these are my favourite places for a late lunch. 


The Standard Grill

The name explains it really. Simple, well prepared food located underneath the Standard Hotel. Great fish, salad, brunch if you’re there early. Sneak a peek up at the hotel windows. Guests here are notorious for, um, putting on a show.

Where: 848 Washington Street, Meat Packing NYC


Eataly is foodie heaven. All the good bits of an Italian market in one great hall with options to purchase fresh produce, the best from the deli, high quality dried pasta, and so much more. There’s a coffee counter, pizza/pasta restaurant, rooftop bar and terrace, and lots of benches to lean and enjoy a glass of wine.

Lunch on the rooftop, with freshly shaved prosciutto, delicious cheese and a crisp glass of rose on the rooftop after a long day of shopping is what holidays are made of.

Where: 200 5th Avenue, entrance on 23rd Street, Flat Iron NYC


A delicious, fresh and clean ‘greenmarket' approach to Chinese food. The steamed dumplings are excellent with quirky presentation that shows the chef’s sense of fun. The pork & crab soup dumplings and the steamed lobster dumplings are super yum but don’t fill up – the mains here are outstanding. Sautéed black cod with black bean and thai basil? Three chilli chicken and the sautéed asparagus with garlic? Check and check. Pretty sure that last bite is mine. 

Where: 529 Hudson Street, West Village NYC