With 15 years of big brand experience under my belt, including a near-decade leading complex corporate brands in the strategy arms of two multi-award winning agencies in Sydney, I launched my own strategy consultancy in 2016.

These days I’m proud to help small business owners and brands with integrity find clarity, drive sustainable growth and focus on your path forward, following a simple strategy that will impact the future of your business.

First step? I listen. Next, I draw on my deep understanding of the wider market, cultural trends and creative strategy to help founders extract their own authentic story and point of difference, leading to media, consumers and the wider market sitting up and taking notice.

No two brands are cookie-cutter copies or at the same stage of growth, and so my work is always tailored and personalised to your own path and what your brand needs in order to thrive.

A curious connector with a wide network, part of my work includes identifying the experts and brands you need to meet, as well as making meaningful introductions.


My role in our work together, is to step outside your brand to give you a clear understanding of who your people are, articulate exactly what it is you offer, how you do it and why you do it (both personally and professionally) - the four pillars which make you unique. I work to hone in on who your customer is and what your strengths and weaknesses are. We’ll zoom out and look into the future at where you want to be, and I’ll give you some bigger picture context by drawing on global cultural and consumer trends.

In my signature Brand Clarity Strategy package, you’ll walk away from our session together with a one-page brand strategy, goals & guardrails, and a strategic challenge, so you can immediately move forward with taking your business to the next level.

At this point, a lot of consultants bail. But I stick around to work with you on what you need to make our plan happen. Whether it’s a couple of quick questions to sense check what you’re working on, an introduction to a specialist from my network, or an intensive three-month program to keep you accountable.


I'm not a believer in big-budget marketing campaigns. I know crafting the right content to tell the right story will spark the right conversations - but that comes down to knowing the right story to tell. I help extract that kernel of gold from my clients, and mould it into a format you can share with your team and specialists so everyone else "gets it" too.

I am by no means a one-woman show. In order to make our plan happen, I draw on an extensive and varied network of experts in eCommerce, content, social media, design, PR and digital marketing to execute each aspect of our strategy that will make your brand shine. I won’t plonk you with a heavy document then walk away, I continue to work with my clients on each stage of development so you stay on track and continue to thrive.


“For years Katie served mega brands, helping them convince their audience that their product was not wanted, but NEEDED. Tired of that greedy corporate MO, she adapted the formula to help bring smaller brands with integrity to greater life. She was sharing her secret with us.”

- Lucy Tweed, founder of ‘Every Night of the Week’

“Katie is the piece we didn't even know we were missing! Her intuition and ability to articulate our business has driven us forward in a clear and easy path. She is completely part of the Pure Pops team.”

- Alice Storey, co-founder of Pure Pops

"Meru Foods has found Katie Graham to be a great resource in refining our marketing strategy. The management team had a strong understanding of who Meru Foods was and who our customers were but we were having trouble condensing that knowledge into a coherent and executable strategy document. Katie worked with us to develop our strategy and is now helping us to execute elements of the strategy with excellent results. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Katie as our business grows.”

– Chris & Meagan de Bono, Meru Foods