With 15 years of big brand experience under my belt, including a near-decade leading complex corporate brands in the strategy arms of two multi-award winning agencies in Sydney, I launched my own strategy consultancy in 2016.

These days I’m proud to help small business owners and brands with integrity find clarity, drive sustainable growth and focus on your path forward, following a simple strategy that will impact the future of your business.

First step? I listen. Next, I draw on my deep understanding of the wider market, cultural trends and creative strategy to help founders extract their own authentic story and point of difference, leading to media, consumers and the wider market sitting up and taking notice.

No two brands are cookie-cutter copies or at the same stage of growth, and so my work is always tailored and personalised to your own path and what your brand needs in order to thrive.

A curious connector with a wide network, part of my work includes identifying the experts and brands you need to meet, as well as making meaningful introductions.


“For years Katie served mega brands, helping them convince their audience that their product was not wanted, but NEEDED. Tired of that greedy corporate MO, she adapted the formula to help bring smaller brands with integrity to greater life. She was sharing her secret with us.”

- Lucy Tweed, founder of ‘Every Night of the Week’