My career, as so many do, began in hospitality. Before long I transitioned into events, marketing and PR to lead the strategy arm of a multi-award winning agency in Sydney. As Strategy Director, I spent seven years peeling back the layers of businesses big and small to unearth what drives them at their core.

Exploring orthodoxies, harnessing trends and examining culture and consumer behaviour to find new opportunities for growth and the smartest ways to communicate has long been my daily bread and butter. It’s this experience I infuse into my work now as roaming brand consultant, helping brands dig deep to surface clarity and a confident path forward to growth.

No two brands are cookie-cutter copies, and so my work is tailored and personalised. From projects such as curating the Night Markets at Sydney’s Carriageworks, to a communications strategy with Meru Foods and intensive brand strategy work with Pure Pops and One Seed Perfumes, I’ve helped a range of founders extract their own authentic story and point of difference, leading to media, consumers and the wider market sitting up and taking notice.


“For years Katie served mega brands, helping them convince their audience that their product was not wanted, but NEEDED. Tired of that greedy corporate MO, she adapted the formula to help bring smaller brands with integrity to greater life. She was sharing her secret with us.”

- Lucy Tweed, founder of ‘Every Night of the Week’