Katie Graham loves to connect the dots. A communications strategist and holistic health coach, she lights up at finding meaningful ways to share excellent brand stories with the right people on a local and global level. “Meeting with growers and producers, dreamers and doers and finding out the why behind what they do really sets me on fire. I dig deep into the narrative to work out where they want their business to be, how they want their lives to look, and come up with a simple strategy to get them to that place.” 

She is passionate about using her experience with big clients to help the little guys, and creating lasting relationships that are balanced and sustainable. Why? “Small business owners try to do so many things. It’s overwhelming!  I help them to focus, tell the story of their product and connect them to the right people so they can grow their business while staying true to their values.” 

Where can you find her?

At her laptop, scouring the farmers markets, in the kitchen at home or in her favourite cafes and restaurants – between Sydney and Byron Bay, in Northern New South Wales, Australia.