Photo Credit: Buffet Digital. Client: Pure Pops.


ALIce storey: pure pops

Katie is the piece we didn't even know we were missing! Her intuition and ability to articulate our business has driven us forward in a clear and easy path. She is completely part of the Pure Pops team.


It’s really hard to find people who can innately understand your brand, but Katie just gets it. Comma was in a stage of transition and growth and Katie helped to carve a path so we could move forward knowing what we stood for, what products and services best represented our brand and how we were going to sell them. Sometimes I’d get too busy working in the business and forget to work on it, Katie inspired me to work back on it!


For years Katie served mega brands, helping them convince their audience that their product was not wanted, but NEEDED. Tired of that greedy corporate MO, she adapted the formula to help bring smaller brands with integrity to greater life. She was sharing her secret with us.


When I first sat down with Katie, I really needed help articulating our company values - she seamlessly crafted them with me. I also had no real tangible goals or direction and I left our first session feeling really clear on what it was I needed to do next. I would absolutely recommend Katie to anyone in the initial stages of branding or whenever they really want to dive deep into their business at any stage - I'll be checking in with Katie again as the business grows, and to keep myself and the company clear with our visions and goals.


Katie is a positive ‘can do’ brand strategist with vast experience. She was able to immerse herself in the business and think through logically what is required to take my business to the next level, all the while keeping in mind my time constraints as a #mumpreneur. My time with Katie has played a critical role in eliminating the over-analysis paralysis I was suffering from as Chief Everything Officer, while at the same time unlocking the potential of the business. I’d recommend her to anyone at any stage of their business journey to enthusiastically drive the business to achieve their desired results. You’ll walk away with a framework to keep on task - far more focused on what you are doing, how you are doing it and why you are doing it; and far less confused about trying to be everything to everybody.   

Liz Cook: One Seed Perfumes

Since working with Katie, we've seen massive changes - our brand has been refreshed, has a clear strategy and we’ve seen sales increase dramatically. I came away from our workshop feeling like I’d found my energy again for our business, like I had a renewed sense of who we were and the possibilities for the future. She enabled me to take pressure off finding the right people and testing them out, because she brought in everything and everyone to put the steps right in front of me. Whoever she recommends I go with and she’s been right every time. She brings more than 10 x the value for what you pay.


We loved chatting to Katie about FJ. She understood us so quickly, and the path forward is now a clear one.


Katie’s unbelievable wealth of knowledge and experience has been amazing, in particular with my business model, providing focus and defining my Who, What, How and Why. She could unpick my thoughts and then help me articulate in a way that made me feel so comfortable, which then made me feel like I had known her for years. I now have full clarity to move forward in my business knowing that I have always got Katie there by my side.


Katie came highly recommended by a colleague. She helped refine my business’ purpose and gave me clarity on which direction I should focus my efforts, based on insightful market research which outlined future trends. Katie also has reputable connections and was able to put me in touch with some key players based on outcomes from our workshop.

Chris + Meagan De Bono: Meru Foods

Katie Graham has been a great resource in refining our marketing strategy and helping us execute it with excellent results. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Katie as our business grows. 


Katie has been a treat to work with. I feel like she not only just ‘gets’ my brand but lives it whenever we’re working on a strategy together. I’m excited about our plans moving forward and know her work to be thorough, inspired and wholehearted. 

Tedy Altree-Williams: Coco Tribe

Katie offers incredible insights from a global and local perspective and then creates a very targeted strategy for business growth for each client. She’s very transparent and professional and we’ve developed a solid, successful working relationship. 

Terase Davidson: Taste Byron Bay

Katie is a breath of fresh air! She’s helped me workshop, streamline and solidify ideas, concepts and strategies to assist me in building on recent successes and continuing to grow my business. Working with someone of Katie’s calibre has meant I can focus on growth opportunities and areas in the business that represent better revenue returns. She’s proven to be an amazing wealth of knowledge! 

Inoka Ho: Cocktail CO.

Katie helped me see the wood for the trees, so to speak. She has helped me consolidate my thoughts and build a cohesive plan/strategy. I’m grateful for her steering and direction, and think I’ll be spending this time/money annually to work with Katie to help me stay ahead and not entrenched in the business, but moving forward.