Who I Am, What I Do and How I Do It, as Told by Clients

With 15 years of big-brand strategy experience under my belt I established my own consultancy in 2016. I now work with small-business owners across the country to help them find clarity within their brand while growing steadily using simple strategy. But enough of what I do! I’ve used the words of a few special clients to explain how it’s done:


Looking at your business with fresh eyes is tricky because often you’re so invested in the nitty gritty, but it’s so important in order to see what you have to work with, and what needs to change. For each and every client, this is something I look to achieve from the outset. Liz Cook, founder of One Seed Perfumes commented that Katie is not afraid to tell it how it is,” and it’s true. I’m gentle in nature but direct when it comes to your steps forward. These qualities are integral to finding a fresh perspective and ensuring the strategy we establish for your business is relevant to where it’s actually at, not where you assume it’s at.


Finding clarity is invaluable to executing a relevant and strong growth strategy. Lucy Tweed, food stylist and founder of @everynightoftheweek says my ability to sort a grand idea into an approachable project “is akin to a 1950s telecom switchboard operator”. It’s a fun image! But this comment demonstrates my ability to find flowers among weeds swiftly and professionally. I’m able to align creativity and strength with deft confidence. “The cogs of my brand clicked into sync immediately after meeting Katie and with her continual support and understanding of the direction they have continued momentum,” says Lucy. This speaks to not only to my ability to find clarity, but to how I inspire my clients to find that clarity for themselves. For Liz at One Seed, “Since working with Katie, we've seen massive changes. Our brand is refreshed, has a clear strategy and we’ve seen sales increase dramatically.” That’s what we like to hear!


Easy-to-follow, simple strategies are a must, and my approach is tailored every time. After an initial workshop, my clients leave with a one-page brand strategy and a strategic challenge so they can immediately move forward with taking their business to the next level. No unwieldy giant documents here, just approachable actions, plus a checklist of experts and contacts who can help you get it done. “Our refreshed approach to social media has been revolutionary,” says Liz from One Seed Perfumes. “I’ve had many more stockist enquiries, from larger companies enquiries about building relationships, to blogger enquiries with big followings and major US stockist enquiries.Whoever and whatever Katie recommends I go with, and she’s been right every time.”

I’d love to work with you to take your business from confusion to clarity. Make an enquiry to start the process.


Katie Graham