Katie Graham gets right under the skin of your business to find out why you do what you do and what your business goal is. She can help you get from confusion to clarity, working with you, to define your unique challenge, and then develop the right plan, idea or strategy to help you tackle it over the desired timeframe, on a project or ongoing basis.

She's a self-professed "trends nerd" who taps into her innate understanding of global and local trends, what’s happening in culture and what consumers are hungry for, to develop a tailored, simple plan to connect your product or service with the right consumers, via clever tactics.

Katie is a brand and business consultant with a background as a strategist spanning communications, PR, social media and marketing. She works with a network of trusted specialists, to ensure the plans and ideas she develops, can be implemented by people she trusts, if you don't have the internal resources.


  1. Work with: kick off with a 2-3 hour workshop, where you'll together go from confusion to clarity. You'll walk away inspired, with a clear focus, and she'll come back with the agreed deliverables, based on what you agree on up front.
  2. Grow with: if you're at the point where you need to scale up your business and resources quickly, Katie will help you map out the right strategy, plan and team to get you there, tapping into her network of trusted specialists that includes content creation, social media (content and ads), website creation, influencer and ambassador campaigns, publicity, branding, consumer research and business strategy.
  3. Create with: Katie's passion is food, and she has a knack for using her strategic smarts to develop what she calls "human" content that gets consumers to act: cook or eat.

What her clients say

"Meru Foods has found Katie Graham to be a great resource in refining our marketing strategy. The management team had a strong understanding of who Meru Foods was and who our customers were but we were having trouble condensing that knowledge into a coherent and executable strategy document. Katie worked with us to develop our strategy and is now helping us to execute elements of the strategy with excellent results. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Katie as our business grows.” – Chris & Meagan de Bono, Meru Foods


Alongside digital strategist Matt Kendall, Katie is the co-founder of Fromm and CoCircle.

Fromm is a brand accelerator and connector, that helps Aussie businesses with purpose, thrive. A network of strategists, with experience in paid, earned, owned, influencer and digital channels, who use our SprintTank process to solve problems, tackle challenges and find opportunities.

You don’t need to write a brief and select channels, we do all that in the room with you. We get your team (including the decision makers and the implementers) in a room, to get from problem to strategic solution in a day. We then work that into a simple strategy and 1-page communications plan ready to test within days rather than months.

Either your team can implement with us overseeing, or we can tap into CoCircle, our distributed network of specialists - curated specifically for the solution we land on.

We have no agenda. Our solutions are value-driving instead of self-serving, and are purely channel agnostic.