work WITH mE

Maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, stuck and confused about what to do next and where to focus your extremely limited time.

You know you have a strong idea, good insight and a healthy basket of ingredients to make it happen, but spending time thinking about where you should be distributing your product, whether your branding and social media presence is truly on point, and whom you should be talking to (and how you should be talking to them!) is starting to come second to invoicing, rostering, deliveries and emails. I get it.

Having an objective voice to unpack your brand and reveal its strengths (and weaknesses), while pulling in the right team of specialists to help you execute a considered plan is key to hitting your goals.

I'm not a believer in big-budget marketing campaigns. I know crafting the right content to tell the right story will spark the right conversations - but that comes down to knowing the right story to tell. I help extract that kernel of gold from my clients, and mould it into a format you can share with your team and specialists so everyone else "gets it" too.


I am by no means a one-woman show. In order to make our plan happen, I draw on an extensive and varied network of experts in eCommerce, content, social media, design, PR and digital marketing to execute each aspect of our strategy that will make your brand shine. I won’t plonk you with a heavy document then walk away, I continue to work with my clients on each stage of development so you stay on track and continue to thrive.