Co-founded with Polly Rea (Naturopath & founder of Feeling Dandy), Women Working Together is an informal monthly catch up of friends who own and run their own small business, virtually solo. The purpose is simply to foster connection with female business owners, and remove some of the isolation that comes with running a business from Byron Bay.

It was an idea which sprouted from one of many passing conversations - mostly had in car parks or on footpaths - this particular time, out the car passenger window. Generally brief, but they offered great value to us, and particularly to our small businesses; from deflating an issue that may have otherwise escalated, to seeking advice on where to turn next, grabbing a contact of who could best help with something outside our skill set, or to simply have some face-to-face time away from the screen in a solo work space. The sort of conversation that might otherwise take place by the printer or making a cup of tea in an office. We both missed that connection and thought others might too.

In October 2018, we ran with that idea and asked a few lady friends, each running their own business, to join us for an informal catch up, suggesting we do it again the following month. Nearly 6 months later, we’re delighted to see so many female business owners taking this opportunity to connect with each other - it’s a wonderful thing to be part of. There is such a diverse mix of amazing women in the room each month, with at least one thing in common - we are all the driving force behind a fabulous business!

We would love to continue holding the space, and allow the women who come along to each take away from these monthly catch ups what it is that they need. It may be different each month and no doubt very different for each of us as well.

We have been overwhelmed by the response and interest so far. Our idea is still in its infancy, with the catch ups run at no cost to the women invited along. It has grown faster than we anticipated and we are limited with numbers due to the space.

If you are interested in joining us, please fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch when we have space.


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