Making Space

Making Space


A one-off 2 hour strategy power session designed to give you breathing space and clarity.

Who is this for?

Anyone in need of greater mental spaciousness and calm in their business.

Antidote for:

Feelings of overwhelm, overwork, anxiety, chaos, reactivity or confusion.

What we’ll do:

My first task is always to listen, but I’m not afraid to give straight answers. To create space, we first need to get to the crux of the many things taking up your mental capacity and causing chaos.

Then, together, we’ll set goals and create a decision making filter, using these to sort your ideas and to do list into a yes and no column, making space for the right opportunities to appear.  

You'll walk away feeling lighter, and energised to move forward with a clearer path.

Available in-person in Byron Bay, or online via Skype.

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