Decision Clarity

Decision Clarity


A one-off 2 hour strategy problem solving session designed to give you clarity on a specific challenge you and your business are facing.

Who is this for?

Anyone in need of advice and a strategic sounding board for a big business decision or challenge.

Antidote for:

Feelings of over-analysis paralysis, indecision, uncertainty or feeling ‘stuck’.

What we’ll do:

As small business owners, we have to make all the decisions, and sometimes asking our friends and partners can only take us so far. My first task is always to listen—we’ll get the crux of the challenge or decision you’re facing, and lay out the options you have.

During our 2 hours together we’ll nut out where you’re at, where you’re trying to get to, and help you get unstuck so you can move forward with confidence and clarity. 

You’ll walk away feeling confidently certain of the path ahead and the direction you need to go in.

Available in-person in Byron Bay, or online via Skype.

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