"I believe we should be more pull, less push. By that, I meant that we should focus our resources and energy on innovating the products and services that people want, rather than investing money pushing products onto people who don't want them. If we get this right and truly listen to our audience, we can kick start organic growth and authentic word-of-mouth from the right consumers." – Katie Graham

Rather than helping the big guys sell more stuff, she wants to use her skills and experience, to help creative entrepreneurs and passionate people in the health and food industries innovate and connect products to the people who want them, sharing powerful stories and smart ideas.

Katie's deep joy and curiosity with real food and global culinary trends, along with her expertise in developing insight-led strategic ideas, have seen her collaborate with incredible people to deliver smart ideas and simple strategies for her clients that push the boundaries of culinary trends.

She's now consulting to a range of brands and founders including Single O, Meru Foods, The Goodnight Co., Pepe Saya, Coco Tribe, Feeling Dandy and Cassandra Kelly. 

EXPERIENCE: The Highlights 

  • Being on the ground and running Carriageworks Farmers Market
  • Volunteering at TEDxSydney in 2016 as part of the Food Curatorial team
  • Workshopping a simple communications strategy for Meru Miso to help them achieve their goals
  • Helping curate the food and drink vendors for the Carriageworks + Vivid Night Market
  • Taking Coco Tribe yoghurt and ice cream from inception to market, helping with branding, launch plans, website development, content creation, food styling and Instagram management
  • Managing one of Australia's largest and most engaged food and wellness communities at I Quit Sugar, across Instagram, Facebook and forums
  • Introducing Pepe Saya Ghee to the health world
  • Food styling the Gut Lovin' Gummies eBook for Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar
  • Working with Darren Robertson of Three Blue Ducks to make Diageo’s World Class bartender competition the Masterchef of the bar world
  • Launching products for I Quit Sugar including their Gut Luvin’ Gelatin, Slow Cooker Cookbook and multiple 8-week programs
  • Developing the concept for the Game of Thrones Dinner Series with Grant King and his restaurant Gastro Park
  • Working with Nick Palumbo and Donato Tocce of Gelato Messina on bleeding heart monoporziones for the the True Blood DVD release
  • Partnering whisky afficionado David Chang, of Momofuku, with Bulleit Whiskey
  • Bringing Bompas & Parr to the Birdcage at Melbourne Cup to re-imagine the flavours of Johnnie Walker in a multi-sensorial extravaganza
  • Enlisting Heston Blumenthal's neuro-gastronomy expert, Professor Charles Spence of Oxford University, to scientifically position the classic Tanqueray & Tonic as the quintessential palate cleanser amongst discerning foodies in Australia via a sponsorship of Good Food Month. Launched to chefs and journalists with an incredible nostalgic degustation developed by Neil Perry and Phil Wood
  • Working on the strategy for Meat & Livestock Australia, looking at how the different cuts of meat we eat have evolved with multi-culturalism, and at the nutritional aspects of beef, lamb and goat
  • If you want to hear more, then get in contact!